Quick Facts

• Founded in 1998
• Private Canadian incorporation company
• Office in Toronto (headquarter)
• Our Company is tri-lingual
• Said Rossi is the managing director and founder of the company
• He obtained a Computer Science degree from the University of Metz in France
• He has over 19 years' experience in Financial Institution and other with a particular focus on technology
• His list of former clients includes investment banks, fund managers, Capital Market traders and others

Company Strategy

• Ksar Capital provides affordable services in information technology and software development tailored to the needs of our customers
• Meanwhile, our team has extensive knowledge in the financial industry
• It is the combination of technical, financial and other industries that enables Ksar Capital to bring robust, adaptable and highly innovative solutions to market quickly

Company Culture

• Ksar Capital is the same within as it is for our clients: straight-forward and quick in delivering solutions
• We carefully balance the freedom needed for innovation ensuring the strength and scope our customers depend on

Working for Ksar Capital

Our door is always open for talented people. If you think you have something to add, get in touch